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June 2017: Obesity and asthma

In daily practice, people with asthma who have comorbidities or a greater disease burden due to their ethnic origin can be more difficult to treat and manage. Learn more about challenging patient populations and new clinical evidence supporting anticholinergic therapy as a treatment option in obese asthmatics and those of African-American descent in this short news bulletin.

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Are your patients getting the maximum benefit from their asthma treatment? Poor inhaler technique can be one of the biggest barriers that prevent asthma medications working effectively.1–3 Clear instruction and regular assessment of inhaler technique is vital to help your patients control their asthma effectively.4

Learn more about the importance of correct inhaler technique and the contribution of the recently published 2017 GINA strategy in this short news bulletin.

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With the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere, we’ll be seeing more patients with allergies. Also, collaborative shared care is key to improving management of our patients with asthma. Learn more about how we can manage allergies in our patients and achieve shared care in this short news bulletin.

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