Asthma Facts

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World Asthma Day, 2 May 2017

Why is multidisciplinary care important in asthma?

  • Reduces hospital admissions by 33% and time in hospital by 52%2
  • Reduces respiratory exacerbations by 68%3
  • Improves asthma symptoms and control4
  • Improves patient satisfaction with level of care5
  • Improves relationships between HCPs and patients5
  • Adopting a collaborative approach is important in providing optimal care for people with asthma1

How can we improve multidisciplinary care?

  • Include all colleagues in the care process; asthma nurse specialists and community pharmacists and health workers can support asthma care4,7,8
  • Build stronger relationships within healthcare teams through joint consultations1,9
  • Encourage and facilitate training for all through educational workshops, training, and support10,11
  • Put the patient at the centre of care; they are now more proactive so inform them on HCPs roles and where to get help5
  • Watch Dr Miguel Román Rodríguez discuss multidisciplinary teams
Asthma Day

Perceptions of asthma control


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